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VEGVISIR | Pin with back butterfly clasp | 21 x 21 mm | 14 Carat Gold plating (Electro-plating)

This ornamental PIN is also finished with a protective layer against abrasion, so that exclusive appearance is secured for years and decades without annoying start-up or abrasion.

Definition: Once again the book of the Nordic wise, "Galdrastafir", and little new compared to the HELM OF AWE "AEGISHJALMUR". But differences exist, huge:

As AEGISHJALMUR turns to the outside to ensure the protection of the holy trinity of "man" against all demonics, this guide is responsible for penetrating the veils of this world that sustain our enslavement. This is where his strength lies. Anyone who pays homage to VEGVISIR honestly and heartily, bringing with it some patience, will experience great things, as he deserves it on the basis of his earnings account in this world. Nothing for hunters, butchers and other mass murderers, only the animals are innocent, as we were first allowed to learn from the "Isais Revelation". 
So if you hold your life upright, and this test begins only with the innocent, you can confidently infect this medal in the form of a VEGVISIR and will see in the future what our ancestors safed us for.

It's not just an Old Norse protective sigille. Advocates claim that it is THE ULTIMATE protective power against malignant damomas and THE MUST in the times of world change (Ragnarök) against evil. The helmet of reverence has often passed through the spirits of the awakened, mainly through the truthful traditions of Galgrabok, but also of Galdrablöd and Galdrastafir.

The fact is that these symbols consistently turn away the all-evil, so that they are transferred to the carrier material in perfect angles and masterfully. Healers all over the world report hardly any credible healing successes by simply placing such symbols of salvation on degenerate body parts. Even animals that do not know how to initiate healing under the motto: "You are doing according to your faith" heal quickly, can only let the evil away from them as a final consequence. Whether power knows how to work in every living being cannot be predicted by us. But we feel alive when we wear the great from ancient times!

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