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Ancient Northgermanic Runes-Button, 15 x 15 mm, 925 Antique Silver plated

The name Lärad may mean loss-maker '(Old Norse lÄ, damage'and * RedHen RADR of Indo-European *, prepare ', referring perhaps to the father of the gods Odin, see the importance of Yggdrasil, Ross the Terrible' = Odin's horse. For proximity to Odin speaks the site Valhalla. Other interpretations, but which are linguistically more distant loud, identified protective donor 'or' moisturizer '. The tree is the World Tree Yggdrasil, as Yggdrasil like Valhalla to the center of the world and also Hvergelmir under the World Tree is located. In Lärad it could in particular be a variant of the World Tree to act as a protection tree. grew up in Sweden, often outside the house a protection tree, called Vårträd, which was connected with the house. Died of protection tree, so we walked away out that the development would end the house. To fit that Lärad grow alongside Odin's hall, and that out of the deer antler drops in Hvergelmir. Lärad There is in the Nordic mythology only mentioned in Grimnirlied, you hold the tree for a mythological figure of the pagan late period.

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