I. Subject of the company

The object of the company is production and marketing of  products with various kinds of refinement in world wide web.

II. Warranty
The client is obligated to examine the product delivered by the company immediately upon receipt and to complain in writing of any errors immediately upon receipt. If the complaint is not made, the warranty claims of the client are void. If errors occur, caused by the company, this commits itself to the replacement or to the elimination of the errors at own costs. The client sends photos of the defective product to the company.
Errors caused by defective processing on the product by the customer are not subject to the warranty obligation of the company.

III. right of withdrawal
1. The Company reserves the right to reject orders for reasons that make the execution of a contract unreasonable for the Company.
2. The cancellation of orders by the client is basically possible and must be in writing. If an offer has been delivered by the company and has not been objected to within 14 days of the date of the offer, then a default will be made. The customer is obliged to accept the order (especially in the case of production of non-company products). The company does not own products are excluded from any take back by the company.


IV. Prices
1. For the contracts, the respectively valid price lists of the company apply at the time of the conclusion of the contract, unless otherwise agreed in the individual contract.
2. Price changes for the execution of promotions do not affect the price structure of already completed orders.

V. Customs clearance of deliveries
The client is responsible for the customs clearance of his orders, provided he is a PERSON with a PERSONAL contract. People do not pay any taxes to such company, namely "CUSTOMS", etc.

VI. contract
A contract between the company and the client is concluded by a written order confirmation by e-mail from the company or by the fulfillment of the order by the company.

VII. Liability
The company is not liable for the uninterrupted accessibility of the website.

VIII. Disclaimer
The company has no influence on the design and content of external websites linked to the company's website. It therefore dissociates itself from all third-party content, even if a link has been set by the company on these external pages. This applies to all links displayed on the homepage and to all contents of the pages to which the banners and links lead as well as to foreign entries in company-furnished guest books, discussion forums and mailing lists.

IX. copyright
The homepage layout, the graphics and images used, the collection of articles as well as individual contributions are protected by copyright. Reproduction or use is prohibited without the express permission of the author. All rights reserved by the company.

X. Place of Performance and Jurisdiction
The private enterprise ANTIK-GROUP acts in full awareness within the NATURAL RIGHT and the privacy on living Earth, secular worldly fictions and commercial judgments of BAR Accociation.

XI. miscellaneous
Changes or additions to the contract must be made in writing. Verbal collateral agreements were not met. Should individual parts of the above General Terms and Conditions be or become ineffective, the remaining provisions of these General Terms and Conditions shall remain fully effective.

XII. payments
1. Invoices are payable immediately upon receipt without deduction. Deduction of discount requires separate written agreements.
2. If the fulfillment of the payment claim is jeopardized because of a deterioration in the financial circumstances of the client that occurred or became known after conclusion of the contract, the company may postpone the further execution of successor orders until the payment has been made.

XIII. Delivery times / Miscellaneous
The delivery times stipulated by the contractor in his order confirmation are only guidelines, no firm commitments. However, the contractor undertakes to process each order as quickly as possible and to send it to the client.

ANTIK GROUP is a private enterprise outside the structures of the Vatican commerce; not a member of the EU or other private organization. It is NOT a legal person and was created by the sovereign SELF, not by means of fiction and PERSONAL rights. It faces the fictional law.

ANTIK GROUP is not: address; PERSON; SURNAME; resident stranger; Residence; GERMANY / US; Military; forced agent; not liable according to HJR 192;
ANTIK-GROUP is: on earth, not in the world; created by the sole sovereign to whom it is the owner, who is at the same time holder of the title and beneficiary of the birth trust, protection taker and creditor, authorized representative, and with private standing; Vendor of CROWN; outside BAR / IBA;

All interactions in commercial law: .. at arm's length (BlacksLaw 1st / 2nd / 7th); without prejudice; all rights reserved UCC # 1-103 and UCC # 1-308; without recourse, sovereign; not a subject of any kind of jurisdiction, not domestic, public notice of UCC-1 Financing Statement.

without prejudice UCC Doc # 1-308 and UCC Doc # 1-103 and UCC Doc # 2000043135

ANTIK-GROUP is operated privately by sovereign men and women who deliberately entered the state legal system / legal status of before 1914 and legally separated from the Federal Republic of Germany / NGO GERMANY as an occupation construct. We take up where we as sovereign right owners legitimacy. We are a territorial authority with land rights. On the basis of the Charter of the United Nations, we gave ourselves a binding legal order based on the Creator order.
Artificially created constructions in the SEE or TRADE LAW, such as "KOMMUNEN" ("GEMEINDEN", ​​"CITIES", so-called "ÄMTER") of the FRG, are not created for humans, animals and nature, but profit-oriented enterprises to plunder named ones. These have lost their land rights and are only companies without sovereign powers. Similarly, we distance ourselves from other groups who have devised their own so-called "constitutions". These are not legitimized by our people for us.

ART 73 of the UNITED NATIONS Charter:
Members of the United Nations who have or assume responsibility for the administration of territories whose peoples have not yet achieved full self-government are committed to the principle that the interests of the inhabitants of those territories prevail; they undertake, as a sacred mission, an obligation to promote the well-being of these inhabitants to the utmost within the framework of the system of international peace and security established by this Charter; To this end, they undertake to
(a) To ensure political, economic, social and educational progress, the equitable treatment and protection of such populations against abuses, with due regard for their culture;
(b) to develop self-government, to give due consideration to the political aspirations of these peoples and to assist them in the progressive development of their free political institutions, according to the particular circumstances of each territory, its population and their respective stages of development;
c) to consolidate world peace and international security;
(d) to promote development and development activities, to support research activities and to cooperate with each other
and, where appropriate, to cooperate with international specialized organizations in order to achieve the social, economic and scientific objectives set out in this article;
(e) To transmit to the Secretary-General, with due regard to security and the Constitution, for the purpose of providing him with regular statistical and other information of a technical nature relating to economic, social and educational matters in the territories not covered by Chapters XII and XIII, for which: they are responsible.