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Norse Skull-Button, 20 x 30 mm, 925 Antique Silver plated

The skull in heraldry is called the bone-skull. His presentation can be as common figure in the shield or the shield in the upper arms as a crest. The head is often stained with many items. Why this character is taken into the arms is difficult to say clearly. It was mainly used in humanistic and Pietist emblem and seal behavior. The dislike of the helmet above the coat of arms as chivalrous attribute led to helmetless arms and was replaced by the skull or other allegories. The hourglass is a symbol of transience with the coat of arms figure shown together occasionally. Often striking are the two major leg bones, they are described as bones, placed in the form of a St. Andrew Cross, which can be placed under, behind or through the skull. Even the sole representation of the emblem only crossbones happens. In the color representation is chosen mainly silver and white. The skull may be crowned or many snakes around the skull.

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