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MANOS | 36 x 36 mm | Ornamental Rivet | Antique Brass plating | 2 Rivet pins

MANOS defines a protective sigil that turns simultaneously in all four directions to avert the enemies of light with its power. Why the centuries-long enactments of our people, inquisitions, genocides, why the wars, dozens of eradications of civilian cities by the Anglo-Saxon satanists; why the extermination of 800,000 children and young people in the Rhine meadow camps, why Bletchley Park, which is still doing its service against our people today? WE ARE THE PEOPLE OF LIGHT ON THIS EARTH AND TOO WELL THAT THEY CAN UNDERSTAND THIS GERMAN BEING! All of these atrocities against us can be prevented by MANOS. They were always afraid and panicking about our symbols of power, which is why the VATICAN banned them. Licking ass, God is not forbid!

I have never come across a protective amulet of this structural simplicity with such a high vibration value (more than 10 million Bovis). Even the correctly angled swastika with 12 sig runes around, all in precise design, reached 980,000 Bovis, easily over 1 million in one of the many measurements. This amulet has power for the entire upheaval known as Ragnarök to liberate life against the current war of the dark against that.
MAN is the symbol of mankind, which, if there were another Tyr rune above it, would symbolize GER-MAN, our people. Victory of pure, living, healing and loving people against all "-ism" of fictitious psychopaths.

Definition: MAN is far more than a simple protection rune. She not only symbolizes the healthy, lively humanity - contrary to all fictions and personality cults of slavish takeover of that humanity. MAN is also a tried and tested remedy against people's voluntary tendency to allow themselves to be taken over by structural entities as "staff". The life rune, which has been used since primeval times, stands in contrast to dead fiction and thus to the world of dark power structures of so-called states and hopeless contracts. MAN offers not only protection, but complete awakening and makes its wearer alive.

MAN is life, the aspiring, the BE-lived. MAN on an amulet - that's basically all it takes. Many humans of past eons had MAN implanted in their skin as protection from whatever hostile was present at the time. When the corpses were identified, those who counted found that there was never a man, woman or child among the violated who were blessed with MAN!!!
No ancient record (and I have studied hundreds of them in churches and war registries) records that there was an unnatural occurrence of a MAN Rune initiate resulting in death. What about when MAN is and protects life?

Is that why we want to spoil the MAN rune as Hitler's evil heritage for our Germanic people? Such is not allowed.

MANOS | 36 x 36 mm | Ornamental rivet | 925 Antique Silver plating (Electro-plating) | 2 rivet pins


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