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ATLANTIS CONCHO | Ornamental rivet | 20 x 20 mm | Antique brass plating (Electro-plating)

It is easy to connect our ornamental rivets to the carrier material in a durable manner using a spindle press or nietzange. In addition, this ornamental rivet is also finished with a protective layer against abrasion, so that exclusive appearance is secured for years and decades without annoying start-up or abrasion.

Definition: ATLANTIS, our ancient island in the North Sea, the Hallig, the holy land. Once upon a time, the whole of Europe as far as North Africa and the Orient was called ATLANTIS, and healthy structures of order and togetherness still prevailed within our homeland. But the enemy of life made us stupid, especially by means of Bletchley Park from 1943. Now it's payday, everything done to us goes back to the enemies!

Who does not want to give salvation and vitality to himself or his dog by means of certain, absolutely valid symbols by our ancestors? Kraft inhabits this, a force that has always protected our people against the dark hordes of enemies and, despite the thousands of reprisals, has always reserved for him the place as "children of the gods" in the Olympus of those gods. Our runes and salvation symbols ensure the continued existence of Frya's bright race.

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