CONCHOS rivet-back

Our branded Ornaments, Conchos and Rivets have one or two back rivet pins and are ideal for the finishing of collars, belts, bags, jackets, felt, armor, shields, drinking vessels, robes, in short: suitable for the entire manufacturer area. All our products are free of lead- and nickel and other harmful substances and allergens. To protect the plating, products from our Label receive a particularly robust anti-abrasion protection.
Like all zinc die-cast products, our product lines are extremely resistant to corrosion. They also are species-appropriate processing and handling items that will give a lifetime of pleasure. A species-appropriate processing includes that itms made of DIE CAST ZINC NOT be riveted with striking tools! Those who are so foolish and against the nature of the thing do so at their own risk of losing the product. The species-appropriate processing provides for such article rivet-pliers and screw-presses that are available for low money in the specialists market. DIE CAST ZINC is not iron or steel!