At all known reconstructed epochs, people of the various high cultures adorned themselves with such a proper hanging - JEWELRY. From wood to horn, feathers, bones, to amber, but also gold, silver and precious stones, the wide range of products on offer ranged from wood.
It was not primarily the physical material value of the hanging that was superficial, but much more the energetic value, i.e. the inner meaning of the worn product, counted. Compared in Bohuslän, Haithabu, Mossul or the area to the left and right of the Nile: more than 700,000 years of jewellery culture prove how diverse jewellery was, but never "priceless" in terms of material value. 
Times changed. In today's world, vibration no longer counts for the soul - how much can a jewelry product enrich its wearer energetically? - but only the fact that worldly money was "paid" for a product. It is not useful whether a SWASTIKA was made of gold or zinc - it gives its wearer from now on a good fortune! 
The same applies to Germanic runes, they fend off the enemy. That's why our upcoming collection is to offer a sumptuous selection of ancient Germanic binderunes to the inclined buyer. This collection is expected to take place around March 2020.

Change took place not only in the times, but also in people's wallets.  Money has become the means of their greed, they live in the outside, in the world, do not rest in themselves. As in the interior, so also in the outside. Inner impoverishment presents itself to them in their lives. 

Jewellery, made of gold and silver, can hardly afford the mass. But the primal idea of "wanting to decorate" lives deeply rooted in the people of this earth. 

That's why we, ANTIK-GROUP, are now in the 12th year of energetically high-swinging jewelry products, which are in no way inferior to real gold and silver jewellery, but are adapted to the income standard of the masses. 
Again, it is not essential how expensive a jewelry product is, a devilish symbol remains a death symbol and this does not bring anything else of its inner value to the wearer, whereas symbols of our primal mindare us on our holy way to the future. 

Rune amulets and talismans

Amulets and talismans are portable items loaded with special magical power. An amulet, be it a VEGVISIR or a THORS HAMMER, protects you from damage and/or magical attacks, as well as from manipulation from paraphysical worlds, for example from demons.
A talisman, on the other hand, is a lucky charm (e.g. SWASTIKA) that practically draws happiness into your life. Caution should be exercised. "Happiness" does not exist in truth, everything in this world is "MERIT"! If you behave like an axe in the forest, especially against other creatures, like animals, let them be murdered for your palate, you deserve anything else than being a lucky one. You will get sick and vegetate bitterly evil. 

Depending on the procurement and consecration ritual, an item can be both a protective amulet and a lucky talisman. One way to make something like this is to use the objects and to fill them with runes (see our rune amulets). For the production of our amulets, our decades of studying about the living creatures content of runes is used first. Yes, runes are living-magical beings! Why do you think Rome has been trying for millennia to take our power away from us? 

Not every rune can be tied with everyone, only matching runes are selected and assembled into a binder. The Binderune then has a considerable individual significance and power. If we write an affirmation, a name or a magic saying with runes, we can decipher in it its magical runic power. This gives us information about the core topics, karma and other connections. If we then tie these runes together into a larger rune, we can express the magical power of each rune in a rune and only the connoisseur knows what the message and the magic that is hidden in it is. 

Not every man or woman can and should tie runes. Already in the runic song of the EDDA stands the essential hint of the Odin (man) to have hung 9 nights (dark years) without spiritual food on the world tree (earthly world), only after these he attained wisdom in runic magically power dectrine.

For almost 30 years now we have been dealing with our Germanic scriptural symbols, have researched all sorts of things in all directions and now, after almost three decades, are we able to use our knowledge favourably for our valued customers from all over the so called world.

Simply clapping a rune futhark around a magical symbol, as all other manufacturers do out of their ignorance, under the motto: "A lot helps a lot", destroys all benefits and all the power of positive magic. A fictitiously chosen word, e.g. "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ", says exactly what? Precise. This is the case with the attempts of our valued competitors to squeeze runes on amulets.

Therefore, our goal should be and remain, to bring salvation and goodwill to our and all peace-loving peoples with the means of affordable jewelry and accessories, and YOU are part of this sacred task - use them! From the end of January 2020 - here with us.


All our products are free of lead and nickel and other harmful and allergenic substances. Thanks to the galvanotechnical (electro-plating) process, our professionally refined jewellery is the quality that has been resistant to years and decades. Rubbing the finishing is completely impossible, even with daily wearing of the piece of jewelry. Our own tests over 11 years proved this. Not only the electroplating technology benefits our products, but also another additional protective layer that is used here, which seals the outer shell of the product body.