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VALKNUT | Pin with back butterfly clasp | 24 x 24 mm | 925 Sterling Silver plating (Electro-plating)

This ornamental PIN is also finished with a protective layer against abrasion, so that exclusive appearance is secured for years and decades without annoying start-up or abrasion.

Definition: The wisdom symbol of our Wotan, who was nine long years in the earthly world at the "windy" tree almost starved to death before he was allowed to recognize the usefulness and application of runes.

Our rune studies in this world last three times nine years and longer. This is now used to protect you from the evil of lower beings! From Goethe's "Faust" we know: "You have to say it three times" in order to renounce the black magic ritual madness that is perpetually running against us. Probably the first amulet of its kind, which does not adorn the entire rune futhark, which is not placed in complete nonsense around the Valknut, which are as pointless as if, at the same time, one wants to take meaning from the entire alphabet. 

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