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SCHILDKNOTEN | Pin with back butterfly clasp | 21 x 21 mm | 14 Carat Gold plating (Electro-plating)

This ornamental PIN is also finished with a protective layer against abrasion, so that exclusive appearance is secured for years and decades without annoying start-up or abrasion.

In order to achieve great effect, a jewelry creation does not necessarily have to enjoy lavish size or weight. Always and in all respects, the vibration value determines salvation and protection for the wearer. If a symbol is very absorbing because of its creative tendencies, it needs more space for development. 
The shield knot, on the other hand, is simple knitted and yet it houses infinite power. The purest, uncircumcised and everlasting Divine, the omnipotence of the Holy Spirit, dwells on him and, like a turbocharger of such a driven vehicle, potentiates the good energies of its carrier on him and his entourage.  

Definition: Like the inexhaustible spirit of the healthy man, the shield knot finds neither beginning nor end. Everything is everlasting, self-sustaining and pure through its SELF. The shield knot forms the eternity, why in certain Germanic-inspired connections he finds all Divine prestige as a symbol of eternal existence. But the symbol of salvation, known as the Tristam knot, is not only used in the present day, it is, like all good, a worldly expression of cosmic, and thus order-loving equivalent.

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