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ODAL | Ornamental rivet | 25 x 25 mm | 925 Sterling Silver plating (Electro-plating)

It is easy to connect our ornamental rivets to the carrier material in a durable manner using a spindle press or nietzange. In addition, this ornamental rivet is also finished with a protective layer against abrasion, so that exclusive appearance is secured for years and decades without annoying start-up or abrasion.

Definition: ODAL stands for more than "only" a rune, is to equate both symbol and terminology with love for the homeland and in the former meaning with property! Those who still call their own self today write it just in accordance with the meaning with "h" (Heimath), as "the own", as the enemy also took from our homeland. 
The legacy of this we know, the soil of our beloved ancestors since the attack by us hostile people is simultaneously administered and desecrated by them. Heimath-Wehr und -Wehr und -Wehr, the primal law of Germania, is considered a crime and anyone who protects his own self is simultaneously expropriated - the end of all sacred values.

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