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BREDSATRA HAMMER | 38 x 46 mm | Chain eye 4 mm | double-sided design | 925 Antique Silver plating (Electro-plating) | polished

Anyone who once drove either directly from Stockholm to the north or visited the Viking city of Uppsala, and here Gamla Uppsala, feels the spirit of our ancestors. Here, in the direction of the East Sea, one finds the country of Bredsatra, which at that time produced life-affirming cultural treasuries. 
We have recreated the main symbol, the honor of the Son of Wotan on earth, in many hours of laborious work - for you to inspire your spirit and inspire you to think. Flowers, yes, seriously, flowers adorn this Thorhammer, flowers that were metaphor in Nordic for spring, salvation and life. Such a beautiful piece of history. Our thanks to our ancestors!

Definition: The Thorhammer is one of the oldest and most powerful protective amulets, and has been proven to be one of the most metaphysically powerful defense mechanisms of our Nordic people, but mainly of the North Germanic habitat. While in the settlement area of the Frya people, i.e. around the island of Helgoland (ATLANTIS) up to the Berlin area, rather the ancient Germanic customs hum, with SWASTIKA and FLOWER OF LIFE, found its roots, the Thorhammer and other protective sigils spread to the northern kingdom, in North direction from today's DENMARK. 

Odin or Wotan refers to the Son of God thrown into the world, that is, the man whose son, Thor (Donar), represents the impetuous nature of man Odin, the immature and tired son in the world. Looking for gods outside is rather naive. All the Godhead dwells in us and sometimes also the spirit of Satan. Polarity means the truth to be recognized in this earthly world. We are all called to pass our trials, and the sacred symbols of our ancestors help us to turn some folly into "Thorness".

In these days of the great world fire (Ragnarökkr) all evil is transformed in the thinking and feeling of the unconscious man held in slavery by deception. Protective amulets, such as the Thorhammer, help to wander through the veils of deception and to recognize the truth in the seed. 

Attention: Necklace not included, but you can order matching necklace in our shop

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