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LUCKY CHARM SWASTIKA | 38 x 38 mm | Chain eye 6 mm | double-sided design | 925 Sterling Silver plating (Electro-plating)

Before anyone thinks, suspects or accuses, READ FIRST!

From WIKIPEDIA: "A Swastika (also Svastika, Suastika; by Sanskrit m. Svastika 'Lucky Charm') is a cross with four arms about the same length, uniformly angled. They can point to the right or left, right,, pointed, flat-angled, or circular, and be connected to circles, lines, spirals, dots, or other ornaments. [1] Such signs, the oldest of about 10,000 BC, were found in Asia and Europe, and less often in Africa and America. [2]

The character has no uniform function and meaning. In Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism, Swastika is still used today as a religious symbol of happiness."

It is very sad to have to begin the GLÜCKSBRINGER "Swastika" used by all peace-loving peoples all over the world for more than 18,000 years (even today everywhere in Asia, South America, Israel, etc.) with such a declaration, but low people, envy and hateful people all over the planet are blinded by the mainstream of the stupid and their lies. 

The fact is that SWASTIKA is only what it also states in translation, a lucky charm. It was never intended as another object, not in our Frya people, not in India, Japan, the USA or anywhere else. It was only the emergence of the lowest subjects from Khazarians, the mafia, which, through corruption and blackmail, leads today's world with its world stage, that the idea arose to ban the peoples from their symbols of happiness and salvation. Even they have emerged from mixtures between bastard people and animals (see the research of the Lanz von Liebenfels), unable to feel love and empathy. Therefore of their lower interests and thinking they have been waging their wars against light humanity for more than 10,000 years. Very soon their battle is lost - humanity awakens! 

This combination of the Black Sun and the Swastika in the centre is a faithful reproduction of a thousand-year-old excavation, a creation of our holy, peaceful people. No one forbids our culture, no one forbids us our happiness! On the back, the amulet adorns the Binderune Rit-Bar, which stands for peace! Those who are unable to understand the meaning of this have simply missed the spiritual maturity.

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