BELOBOG-42, 925

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HIDDENSEE-KREUZ | 39 x mm | Chain eye 6 mm | double-sided design | 925 Sterling Silver plating (Electro-plating)

A veritable firework of various aspects of cosmic power and expressiveness incorporates this representative of ur-Slavic positive magic and craftsmanship. The amulet looks very delicate, but is powerful due to its lush depth and can be worn at any occasion.

Definition: BELOBOG is the embodiment of light, goodness, happiness and the general good, and not only in the material sense, first always the spiritual, from this all matter precedes. It protects against strife, creates interpersonal harmony, also and above all in one's own family, and also brings (again at first) spiritual-soul wealth and thus above all the absence of missteps called "happiness". In addition, Belobog is considered a bearer of fertility, helping with sowing and harvesting. The owner of this symbol will always have rich harvest and enough money, so he has earned this!

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