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AEGISHJALMUR | 36 x 36 mm | Chain eye 6 mm | double-sided design | 925 Sterling Silver plating (Electro-plating)

Why an amulet with a hole? In 1873, the Öre with Hole was introduced in the Kingdom of Denmark. The same happend in Sweden with the Swedish Krona. A year later, Norway followed this "trend". Why? The public has only lay excuses for this matter, but the real reason lies much deeper:
All life is carried by the torus, which is an energy vortex. Torodial animated matter is eternal, according to ancient Germanic wisdom. The North Germanic kings did not want to lose their currencies to the upcoming club monster of Rome, the EU, so they gave their currencies stability against doom.

And? you like to ask. These currencies have been in existence since 1873/1875 respectively. But where is our Mark of 1871 of the German Empire, which was still real money and not like the Euro debt and sham money? 

Same stability as the Nordic currencies we got our amulet, it lives and enlivens you!

Definition: It's not just an Old Norse protective sigille. Wise claim that it is THE ULTIMATE protective power against malignant damomas and THE MUST in the times of world change (Ragnarök) against evil. The helmet of reverence has often passed through the spirits of the awakened, mainly through the truthful traditions of Galgrabok, but also of Galdrablöd and Galdrastafir.

The fact is that these symbols consistently turn away the all-evil, so that they are transferred to the carrier material in perfect angles and masterfully. Healers all over the world report hardly any credible healing successes by simply placing such symbols of salvation on degenerate body parts. Even animals that do not know how to initiate healing under the saying: "You are doing according to your faith" heal quickly, can only let the evil away from them as a final consequence. Whether power knows how to work in every living being cannot be predicted by us. But we feel alive when we wear the great from ancient times!

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