FRYA Rune-Protection-Amulet, 925 Newsilver

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FRYA RUNE-PROTECTION-AMULET | 40 x 40 mm | Chain eye 6 mm | double-sided design | 925 Sterling Silver NEW SILVER plating (Electro-plating)

The original mother of the white race, goddess of love and justice, the ONLY LEGISLATIVE of our bright people, once gave us heirs her law "FRYAS TER", which could be read for centuries on the walls of the Nordic (Frisian) castle Mediasblik. Here, in 12 laws, our saint told us what to do, how we should behave towards the other two races of this earth, how our purity should be shaped in food and racial fidelity, so always peace and happiness and a wonderful togetherness prevail on Irtha. But we have actually failed in everything, the lowest have the power over us, voluntarily gave it to us by surrendering our humanity, for which millions of our ancestors gave their lives in love for us. We are PERSONS, numbers, contracts, no longer knowing how to defend our home with ax and sword. We are not worth it, the new old, what protected us. In memory of our first, our purest, our best.

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