I. Purpose of the Company

The company is the manufacture and marketing of leather products of all kinds and North Germanic decorative accessories on the Internet.

Warranty II

1st The client is obliged to verify the organization delivered product immediately upon receipt and any errors within one week after receiving a complaint to writing. If the complaint is not eliminated in time, the warranty claims of the customer. If errors, caused by the company, this is bound to replace or eliminate the errors at his own expense. The client sends the company the defective product to eliminate the error at its own expense. The warranty on the leather and leather products, at all holding elements, such as Buckle, D ring, carabiner. The decorative fittings and jewelry items are made of hard zinc with a surface coating made of brass or zinc alloy. Our products are lead and nickel free and comply with the directives of the EU. For strong friction / load the processing can be partly or wholly from Zierbeschlag or jewelry items are rubbed.

III. Obligations of the Company

1st The company confirms the order, that he all necessary rights of use of the holders of copyright and service protection and other rights to the questions it is advertising material and texts has acquired and dispose of them freely. 2nd The company is responsible for the contractual and flawless delivery of the products. The customer bears the risk of transmission of the products to the extent not occur from the risk of the company problems in the transmission.

Cancellation by law

1st The Company reserves the right to refuse orders on grounds that make unreasonable for the Unternemen a contract execution.
V. Cancellation 1 The cancellation of orders by the customer is always possible and must be in writing. Cancellations are always 25% cancellation fee.

VI. Prices

1st For the contracts in force in the time of contracting the valid price list of the company, unless otherwise agreed in individual contracts. 2nd Price changes for the implementation of promotions do not affect the price structure of completed orders.

VII customs clearance of shipments to the EU

The client commissions the company, the customs clearance of goods in the introduction to the EU carry out in his name.

VIII Contract

1st A contract between the company and the customer comes about either by a written confirmation by letter, fax or e-mail by the company, or the fulfillment of the contract by the company. The COMPANY has the right to reject, not yet confirmed orders without giving reasons. 2nd The advertiser is verbal orders and order changes already confirmed orders will be effective only if confirmed by the company in writing. 3rd For the contracts in force in the time of contracting the valid price list of the company.

IX. Liability

1st The company is not liable for the continuous accessibility of the site.

X. Disclaimer

1st The company has no influence on the design and contents of third party with the company's website linked websites. Distances itself from all external contents, even if set by the Company to these external sites. This applies to all links displayed on the home page and all contents of the pages to which the banners and links, as well as entries in the company of guest books, discussion forums and mailing lists.

XI. Copyright

1st The home page layout, graphics and pictures, the collection of contributions and individual contributions are protected by copyright. Reproduction or use without the express permission of the author. All rights reserve the company.

XII. Performance and jurisdiction

1st Place of jurisdiction is, if legally permissible, the seat of the company.

XIII. Other

1st Changes or additions to the contract must be legally valid in writing. Verbal agreements have been reached. 2nd If individual parts of the above terms and conditions be or become invalid, then the remaining provisions of these terms and conditions fully effective.

XIV payments

1st Invoices are to do after their receipt without any deduction by the company on a specified account. Deduction of discount requires separate written Vereinbarungen.2. If the settlement of a claim for payment due after the contract has occurred or became known in the financial circumstances of the client at risk, so the company can postpone the further execution of follow-up orders for payment. 3rd If the customer's payment in full or partial default, he shall be paid from that date interest at the rate of 5% per annum above the base rate of the ECB, the company did not prove a higher damage. 4th The company is entitled to demand payment in advance and be furnished only after receipt of the invoice performance.

XV. Delivery / other

For by the contractor in its fixed delivery confirmation is only approximate, no firm commitments. The Contractor undertakes, however, to produce every order as quickly as possible and mail it to the client. It can come in individual cases under a slightly different strengths leather to differ massiveness of leather products to + / - 2%. Under certain circumstances, the maximum line length of leather through undersized pike is not reached. However, this is not the rule.

ANTIK GROUP is a private enterprise outside the structures of the Vatican commerce; not a member of the EU or other private organizations. It is NOT a fictional PERSON and was created by the sovereign SELF, not by means of fiction and PERSONAL rights. ANTIK GROUP acts outside the fictional law within Natural Law of the Creator.

ANTIK-GROUP is not: address; PERSON; SURNAME; resident stranger; Residence; GERMANY / US; Military; forced agent; not liable according to HJR 192;

ANTIK-GROUP is: on Earth, not in the world; created by the sole sovereign to whom is the owner, who is also the holder of the title and beneficiary of the birth trust, protection taker and creditor, authorized representative, and of private standing; Vendor of CROWN; outside BAR / IBA;

All interactions in commercial law: .. at arm's length (BlacksLaw 1st / 2nd / 7th); without prejudice; all rights reserved UCC # 1-103 and UCC # 1-308; without recourse, sovereign; not a subject of any kind of jurisdiction, not domestic, public notice of UCC-1 Financing Statement.



without prejudice UCC Doc # 1-308 and UCC Doc # 1-103 and UCC Doc # 2000043135