Dear customers, for months we have been working here at the ANTIK GROUP special shifts according to working hours and sometimes even on weekends. Of course, this can not be a permanent state.

The question for our management was how to work more efficiently. The solution for us is simply to gradually separate ourselves from "bloodsuckers" such as Paypal and ebay. Companies like Paypal and ebay benefit exclusively from our work. Due to our diversification, our offer and our high level of customer satisfaction, our company is not in the situation of having to deal with the aforementioned third parties.

For over 11 years, we have earned the trust of our customers as a company. It fills us with pride that YOU recognize and appreciate us and our products so highly and many of you have been loyal to us for the same period.

Additional costs are not of any use and are only for the purpose of obtaining the above-mentioned endeavors. It makes more sense to give you, our customers, a bonus and a big “THANK YOU!”, than to fatten us not benevolent powers.

So there is still the special discount of 7% for every purchase order that is paid by bank transfer, although this is now the only payment method!

Come with us into a new independent time and throw off the, admittedly, comfortable FASHION of Paypal and Co.!

Act again on your own responsibility!

Our customers know us and have been able to trust us for more than a decade. The direct path between you and us should not be disturbed by third parties.

On a continued trusting and good cooperation.




Caution in any dealings with Mr Shazil Lari and his Indian company   Pets Comfort or UP Group India . Mr Lari Shazil is stealing designs of renowned companies and produces stolen designs. You are liable to prosecution if you re-sell stolen brands ! In addition, Mr. Lari Shazil ripped dozens buyer off their money!